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Grace Gesalan | Canada




Queenie Cafe

Assisting a relative with branding their coffee business proved to be an exciting challenge, particularly in creating a distinctive logo and cohesive branding strategy. The problem lay in capturing the essence of their coffee venture while ensuring the branding resonated with their target audience in a competitive market. To address this, I utilized Adobe Illustrator to meticulously craft a logo that encapsulated the warmth, quality, and uniqueness of their coffee offerings. Building on this foundation, I employed Photoshop to extend the branding across various touchpoints, from packaging to promotional materials, ensuring consistency and visual impact throughout. By infusing the brand with elements of sophistication, authenticity, and warmth, I successfully provided a solution that not only reflected the essence of their coffee business but also positioned it effectively in the market, driving customer recognition and engagement. This collaborative effort not only strengthened their brand identity but also laid the groundwork for future growth and success in the competitive coffee industry.