Apple Grace Gesalan

Grace Gesalan | Canada




Snowboarding HUD

Crafting an inventive Heads-Up Display (HUD) sports video using After Effects during Level 4 of our program was a multi-faceted endeavor. The goal was to seamlessly merge dynamic graphics and data visualizations with captivating sports footage, aiming to enrich viewer engagement and immersion without overshadowing the content. Leveraging my provided styleframes, I utilized After Effects' versatile toolkit to fashion an aesthetically appealing HUD overlay that harmonized with the sports action while effectively conveying vital information such as player stats and scores. Extensive research into HUD design principles and sports broadcasting techniques guided my creative direction, resulting in a video that not only captivated viewers' attention but also heightened the overall viewing experience through synchronized graphics, lively transitions, and engaging effects. This project not only showcased my proficiency in After Effects but also highlighted my knack for creatively tackling intricate design challenges within the realm of sports media production.