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Grace Gesalan | Canada




Grant's Chesapeake Taekwondo Easter Egg Hunt Event

Designing an Easter poster for Grant's Chesapeake Taekwondo posed a unique challenge: how to effectively promote their Easter event while incorporating elements of martial arts and holiday festivities in a visually appealing manner. The problem lay in striking the right balance between showcasing the spirit of Easter and highlighting the martial arts aspect of the event. To address this, I utilized Photoshop to seamlessly integrate provided photos of martial artists in action with Easter-themed elements such as Easter eggs, bunnies, and pastel colors, creating a harmonious blend of both themes. Additionally, I carefully curated the typography and layout to ensure that essential event details were prominently featured while maintaining visual interest and coherence. By leveraging Photoshop's versatility and creativity, I successfully crafted a vibrant and engaging Easter poster that effectively communicated the event's message, attracting attendees and generating excitement within the community. This solution not only fulfilled Grant's Chesapeake Taekwondo's promotional needs but also demonstrated the power of graphic design in seamlessly merging diverse themes to create visually compelling marketing materials.