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Grace Gesalan | Canada




Swerve Milk Drink - The Rebrand

Undertaking the rebranding of Swerve at Level 2 on our program presented a unique challenge: maintaining brand recognition while modernizing its identity to better align with evolving market trends and consumer preferences. The problem lay in revitalizing Swerve's visual identity to reflect its innovative approach to health and wellness without alienating its existing customer base. To solve this, I conducted thorough market research to identify key design elements that would resonate with our target audience. Using Adobe Illustrator, I redesigned the logo to embody Swerve's core values of vitality and vitality, opting for a sleek, minimalist aesthetic that conveyed sophistication and trustworthiness. Simultaneously, I revamped the label design, opting for clean typography and vibrant colors to enhance product visibility and appeal on the shelves. The result was a refreshed brand identity that not only retained Swerve's essence but also positioned it as a contemporary leader in the health and wellness sector, driving increased consumer engagement and market penetration. This rebranding effort not only elevated Swerve's visual identity but also reinforced its competitive edge in a dynamic industry landscape.