Apple Grace Gesalan

Grace Gesalan | Canada




Sports Car Posters

In my exploration of designing posters for various sports cars using Photoshop, I encountered the challenge of effectively capturing the unique personality and performance of each vehicle while ensuring the overall aesthetic remained cohesive across different designs. The problem lay in striking the right balance between showcasing the distinctive features of each car while maintaining a consistent visual language. To address this, I meticulously researched each car's design cues, performance specifications, and brand identity to inform my design choices. Leveraging Photoshop's versatility, I experimented with different compositions, color schemes, and typography treatments to tailor each poster to the specific characteristics of the corresponding sports car. Through iterative refinement and a keen eye for detail, I successfully crafted a series of posters that not only highlighted the individuality of each vehicle but also formed a cohesive collection that appealed to enthusiasts and collectors alike. This process not only honed my skills in graphic design but also deepened my understanding of how visual elements can effectively communicate the essence of a product or brand.