Apple Grace Gesalan

Grace Gesalan | Canada





Hello, I'm Apple Grace Gesalan, currently immersing myself in the captivating realm of interactive media design at Fanshawe College. This program is more than just a course of study; it's an exploration into the intersection of technology, design, and human interaction—an exciting journey I'm thrilled to embark upon.

For me, creativity is not just a hobby; it's my purpose. I find immense joy in bringing fresh ideas to life and seeing them take shape before my eyes. Whether I'm sketching out digital concepts or diving into coding, each step of the process is infused with my boundless enthusiasm and unwavering dedication.

I wear two hats in my creative pursuits: one as a Digital Designer and the other as a Front-End Developer. This duality allows me to seamlessly blend my artistic vision with technical expertise, crafting visually stunning designs and immersive digital experiences. And while I'm no stranger to JavaScript and Back-end Development, I'm always eager to expand my knowledge and skill set further.

Continuing my creative journey, I'm dedicated to pushing boundaries and achieving excellence. Each project is a chance to craft compelling narratives and forge meaningful connections.

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